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Welcome to
Patanjali International School
Patanjali International School is a non-profit school. We are part of the Patanjali Group of Institutions run by the society Patanjali Shikshan Sansthan and Samaj Kalyan Samiti.   Patanjali International School, Patanjali Inter College and Patanjali I.T.I. Institute are part of this group, therefore, we belong to one of India’s  non-profit Foundations, active in the field of education.

Patanjali International School has focused on continuous improvement in the quality of education and has left no stone unturned in the pursuit to offer the best for its students. Patanjalians are not only toppers in academics but also in the fields of sports and extra-curricular activities. Hence, to offer a truly international education to pre-university students (grades 1-12) is but a natural progression for Patanjali education.

Patanjali international School is a school where learning means more than the letters on a page, and every student matters. We are a small school with big ideas, and we are innovative in our approach. Each venture is a challenge, and the process is as essential as the outcome.

Ours is a school, which is vibrant in every sense of the word. There are several activities, and the students experience situations outside the classroom, which emulate life. Students are happy, and enjoy coming to school. Their opinions matter and they have an integral part to play in their own education.

The goal of the school is to inculcate in the students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. The school also aims at equipping the students with the intellectual and practical skills that are necessary to meet the challenges in the future.

About Us

We encourage our students to be active, reflective and collaborative thus preparing them as lifelong learners and ethical citizens within a democratic society and global community
  A broad and balanced, yet academically demanding, programme of study
  The development of critical-thinking and reflective skills
  The development of research skills
  The development of independent learning skills
  The development of intercultural understanding

There were obstacles, but the passion to establish a new path overcame these, and the Patanjali International School was born. PIS is a pioneer in integrated learning, where the curriculum has no boundaries, and children are exposed to a stimulating environment to ‘learn by doing’.
At PIS, innovative teaching and active learning is a way of school life. The curriculum includes a wide range of subjects across many disciplines.

The purpose of the units of study is to encourage student to think broadly and deeply as they acquire knowledge. In addition, by focusing their learning on the experiences and challenges shared by others, students are able to develop positive learning attitudes, interact with the world around them and take meaningful action as they develop a deeper understanding and a sense of personal responsibility

The PIS curriculum emphasizes non-academic activities, community engagement and cultural programmes that provide students with opportunities to apply skills learnt in the classroom.

Teachers continuously update their observations of student progress, relating them to the expectations described in our curriculum documents. Assessment criteria is discussed with students on an ongoing basis and are often published in the form of rubrics. Teacher feedback is explicitly related to transparent assessment criteria.

At PIS, while academics continue to be important, we also believe in developing the responsible ‘global citizen’- one who is able to take on challenges with dignity